Thursday, February 1, 2007

Thats so gay

Thats so gay! -an editorial
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Okay kids, gather round for a lesson in the correct usage of the word gay, cuz all the kids these days are using it wrong and it takes away from what the word means....the fact that something totally gay! First off, I have given myself the authority to speak for all gay people on the matter because none of the rest of those fucking queers made it to the meeting.

First off. Gay is not interchangeable with stupid. ex. "His car is so gay!"
This would be right if the car were pink, or if you spot Ken driving one of Barbie's many dream cars. It would even work it were a Suburu station wagon driven by lesbians or anything with a rainbow gay sticker.

It doesn't fit if its just gunky or ugly. Stereotypically gays are more associated with lots of things, but junky, unfashionable and ugly ain't one of em. Yeah sure...theres plenty that are, believe me, but when people start fucking with stereotypes, well then they've gone too far.

Other things that are so gay...Bleached or frosted hair for boys. obviously plucked Betty Davis eyebrows on a boy. Celine Dion, Shakira, Ricky Martin, of course ms. madonna, stuff like that . The words fabulous, sweetie and girl are so gay...or in some cases more truck stop waitress-y. Quiche or Martha Stewart are sooo gay.
Its really simple people. Before you say something is so gay take a minute to reflect. Ask yourself if this is something that is stereotypically associated with the gays. Would you be afraid to be associated with this activity for fear of being branded a fucking cock-sucker..or pussy lover, respectivlly? Or is whatever you want to call gay just dumb and so are you cuz you cant think of any other word for dumb. If its the last one...invest in a good thesaurus. I'll even throw in the first few words. Thats so stupid. or..Thats so retarded. See there you can still be derogatrory towards a while group of pepole but you can do it with proper english. Remember--Know your Steriotypes!

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