Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Take you to School

Channel 214 presents Adult Learning.
No not adult learning as in learning how to shop for blow up dolls or the best vegetables to use in case of a sex toy shortage. That how to lesson is scheduled for the weekend. This is where you as an adult learn something. Its part of the FCC rules governing public access channels such as this. First up is a video learning lesson about global warming with Professor Sarah Silverman, followed by a question and answer session with a guest ninja speaker, followed by a lesson I have shown before, but is a real eye opener on President George Washington. It goes to show you really don't learn the whole truth in school.And finally since you had to sit thorough all those lessons I present an awesome video for your enjoyment. Don't mind the part about not caring about the old people...It doesn't mean you....It does mean you though.,..the guy in the computer chair. nobody cares about you. But we like the rest of you. Enjoy...and learn up!

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