Tuesday, February 6, 2007

TV and Movie NIght Monday

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a divided house

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Tragedy Strikes TV and Movie Night Monday!

Well folks, my home is a house divided tonight and I blame it on Kieffer Sutherland. And the Fox network. And the executives at NBC. Cain. Hell I blame everybody...except myself. I wouldn't do that.
The trouble started three weeks ago when the new season of 24 started by having double episodes on Sunday night and then again on Monday. I'm not talking repeat episodes. This wasn't the same episode back to back to back to back. This was 4 all new episodes with some crazy ass shit like Jack Bauer biting a guys throat out!! You read me right. Jack was tied up and pretending to be dead...and you know how stupid these terrorists can be. Instead of just killing him they have to strut their stuff and reveal their plans to blow up stuff before they kill him. And then they have very important calls to take and papers ot file , you know..important terrorist stuff. If I was a terrorist on 24, killing the shows lead would be my top priority, but thats just me. Anyway, Jacks all playing ospossum and one of the terrorist flunkies bends over him to do something. I think he was checking his breathing. Or trying to kiss him. You know how necrophiliac those terrorist can be. Keep your corpses locked up, if you know what I'm saying.So this terrorist is about to kiss jack..or something...and Kieffer (or Jack..I like mixing and matching with the names, dig)looks up and bites the guys throat out!! Gross! But riveting television none the less. And so I get hooked to the new season during these 4 episodes.
Rewind about a couple months and I finally start watching NBC's Hero's. Id been hearing all the buzz and Cain, my bf, has kinda been watching and so I start to watch and try to get caught up. Right as I start to like this awesome show NBC does one of these funky new winter breaks all the cool networks are doing these days. (Not cool actually. I haven't seen Lost in so long I don't know if i care anymore....I do I do. But it still pisses me off. I'll write about that topic later.)
So Fox takes advantage of Hero's not being on and debuts 24 a week before Hero's comes back. Long story short, 24 and Hero's are on at the same time now and we don't have TIVO. Well we do have a TIVO, but Cain wants to wait until we move into our new place in like March before we get a subscription for it. I'm thinking after tonight we need to do that pronto! Anyway..last week we watched Hero's before realizing the dirty rotten trick FOX had pulled. So we watched 24 on the computer which was fine with me ,but Cain needed to see it on a big screen or something. This week he decides we are watching 24 on the big tv...and I decided Hero's is much better and it draws you in emotionally. You care what happens to these crazy sons of bitches more than you care about the latest terrorist Jack is going to being having for lunch this week (but he better not eat the throats out of too many or he might need a bathroom break sometime that day.)
I had to watch the first part of my show on the TV upstairs that doesn't get NBC good which kinda sucked. But then Cain gave me my way (its just easier that way on everybody involved) and I watched on the good TV and it was an awesome episode. But I don't have room to talk about the actual show cuz I ranted about the TV schedule, which I wouldn't have to do if the world were perfect. Are you hearing that FOX? You can ask anybody, it just works out a lot easier on everybody involved if I get my way in the beginning. So I'm issuing you two weeks to fix this problem or you just may be getting an angry letter. Oh thats not a threat buddy. thats a promise. And if you send Jack Bauer to try and stop me, just know that I'm not one to rant and rave about my evil plans when I should just shoot him. No I don't do that. What I plan to do is.....

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