Thursday, February 8, 2007

What happened at work today?

a funny thing happend....

A funny thing happened at work the other night.Well not funny exactly, more like incredulous. Oh, if your gaydar is majorly damaged , you need to know I'm gay or the story isn't the same.
It was very busy at work at work , and I was on one of the registers. I work at a video store by the way.I just finished the last person in my line and I called out to he girl in the next line telling her I could help her at my register. She was probablly in her late teens or early 20's, thin, pretty. She paused for a second and in that time another lady came out of nowhere and came to my register. Now I am usually hyper aware of what the customer is doing, or when they are on the verge of causing shit. I know from experience that if I just let the lady who stepped up to my line get helped first the other girl could thow a big ol' fit about how I said I would help her but let someone cut in line. They hate it when someone cuts in line and we don't do anything about it. So I tell the lady that I told the other girl I would help her first . As soon as I said that I knew that she was gonna be trouble, but she just stepped back and glared while I helped the other girl.
I chatted with the girl briefly while i rang her up, which really started to infuriate the other lady. Oh, and the other lady was overweight and probably in her 40's. When I got to her...which was like 4 minutes later, at the most she just went off on me. "Just because I'm not skinny and pretty like her, doesn't mean you should treat me with such disrespect!" I was kind of taken aback, because her looks had zero to do with anything.. I told her that and she was not willing to listen and kept going on. So I got some attitude back when I told her that she was so far off. I wanted to tell her "I'm gay lady, I wasn't trying to get the other girls phone number!" I should have.
It just kinda made me think how we can totally misread somebody's motives all the while being certain that we are right. Especially when we think somebody doesn't like us, or in this case thinks we are fat and ugly and would rather help the skinny girl. I feel bad for this lady because she probably goes through most of her life attributing every slight or every grievance as relating to her physical appearance. And I'm not saying that looks don't effect her life. I'm sure there are plenty of times when people are rude or indifferent to her while they help the pretty girl first. I don't think I could ever have made a scene about it if it were me though. But if she hasn't sworn off Hollywood Video forever because of the rude girl crazy bastard behind the counter next time she comes in I will make sure to let her know I'm gay. Maybe I can help the cute young guy in line before her.

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