Thursday, February 1, 2007

13 songs/video's you Must Have or You Will Die

I love lists. Maybe its that touch of obsessive compulsive I have in me. But it just makes me feel that all is right with the world when i can see that it is numbered and labeled. Funny that when it comes to actually cleaning my OCD seems to give up and not even bother. I reorganize my movies and books by so many different systems (besides the normal alphabetical and categorical I arrange them from coolest to not cool among other ways)or risk my anxiety giving my stomach crazy seizures but when it comes to picking up a dish or putting away my clothes I'm suddenly not worried about it."Eh" says my anxiety. "Let him live in filth. But by God Hard Candy is going to be in a more prominent place on the shelf than Benchwarmers! In reality it makes my stomach hurt to let a movie like bench warmers sit on a shelf that could be associated with me. I'm such a snob...yet I recommended "Snakes on a Plane: to everybody who asked...or didn't. Oy...Its just the Gemini way...or my OCD DID way. anyway, i think I was about to make some lists.
13 Songs you need on your play list.
1.When the Sun Goes Down- Arctic Monkeys. A sing a long about a jankey bastard and the hookers he uses when the sun goes down. I like the subject matter...the vocals...and the repeat playability.

2. I want you to want me-Cheap Trick A classic feel good song. I listen to this when I'm getting ready for work. Just a great start the day song. I started to become friends with an old friend, Britta, when we worked in this call center and I stared singing /mouthing the words to this from across the room. good times.

3.Ain't No Other Man-Christiana Agularia. ..ok..yeah thats so gay. And if you told me that her Back to Basics Cd's would be on my MUST have play list I would have relentlessly tormented your teeny bopper taste.But it is good. And she makes you feel damn good about still having the nasty in you.You could exchange this song for probably any other song on these cd's and be happy, I'm serious.Try Still dirty or Come on over Baby. See if that doesn't get you on your feet or trying to belt out some tunes.And I have always admired how comfortable she is with her sexuality. It really comes through in a positive way here. And since I'm already in the music credibility doghouse.....

4.Justin Timberlake-Sexy Back. Its good. Most of his stuff has been. I used to hate NSYNC..except for Bye Bye Bye..that was a good guilty pleasure.Maybe little Justin and Christina are growing up.
5. Death Cab For Cutie -Crooked Teeth. They really are a band i could and do listen to a lot. It always makes me feel good. And I love the part in this song about the kids strung out on homemade speed.. good stuff. Check out 6. Someday you will be loved as well.

7.The Decemberists-The Apology song. These guys are from Portland, or at least around these parts so i guess they g et local boys make good feelings. But this song is fucking awesome. Its about a guy who is taking care of his friends bike while hes gone for the summer and it gets stolen. And he's singing an apology practically eulogizing the bike. Its gold baby.

8.My Chemical Romance-The Black Parade. This stirs up ..i don't know ....what do you call em...oh ..feelings..of an almost human nature. And I am a pro Vulcan Anti-feelings type of emotional cripple..ask anyone. But its not like crybaby feelings..just..rousing. kinda kick ass...."We'll carry on" kind of feelings.

9.The New Pornographers- Your Daddy Don't Know (10) Letter from an Occupant and (11) Slow Descent into Alcoholism. The vibe from this band is pure awesome energy. And this song is one of my favorites...from their first album I think. Its really kinda...a blend of 70's and 80's pop with a modern thing and range of vocals..male an female. I cant describe music...I just know what it makes me feel like..and this makes me feel like dancing..or doing something. Its kinda like musical speed.

10.The Shins-They'll soon discover. I'd heard about them forever. But one I finally listened to some of their music I was blown away with its awesomeness.(I told you I am not a music reviewer. I just know I like their attitude and feel. This song is from the Spongebob movie. I might like (11) "Kissing the Lipless" even more......Ok..your just gonna have to them both..

12.The Raconteurs-Steady as She Goes. I'm a long time fan of Jack Black since I saw The White Stripes at a little club here in Portland called the Crystal Ballroom. I'd come to see somebody else and by time the White Stripes( who were relatively unknown at this least to me..)came on I was trashed and heading to the bar next door for more jello shots. But I stopped long enough to hear his cover of Dolly Paton's Jolene. It was amazing. Plus he got bonus points for not changing anything about the song. He was still singing to that hot tramp Jolene to please don't take his man. Anyway..hes part of this musical coloaberation and its real good listening.
13. Hmmm..I was gonna say download Someday you Will be Loved by Death cab, or White Trash by Modest Mouse.(I guess I did just say that), but I'm gonna send you to another Arctic Monkeys song to sing you out. (13) I Bet You Look Good On the Dance Floor. I'm gonna include..if I can figure it out...a link to all those video's over on youtube.

Movies on my partner Pick Shelf at work as of 5pm today (I work at Hollywood Video)

1.Hard Candy
3.Sarah Silverman's Jesus is Magic (unless its been rented that one has had a permanent place on my shelf for months).
4.The Rules of Attraction
5.Harold and Maude(vhs)
6.Taxi Driver (vhs)
7. A clockwork Orange (vhs)
8. Run Lola Run
9.To Kill a Mockingbird

Worst Movies of the Year that I never saw...and am too much of a snob to ever watch on purpose. I prefer to sit back and make fun of people that buy them.

1.Larry the Cable Guy. Come on...This was like White Trash Mascot 101. I worked to hard to get away from that kind of mentality (small town Oregon is pretty much Larry the Cable guy territory.) to rent it and watch it.

2.Benchwarmers. Ok i watched the first 10 minutes, but couldn't go through with anymore . If i wanted to practice self abuse I would...well...I would do what I normally do when i want to practice some self abuse.

3. Click. ehhh...I've never went out and tried to watch a Adam Sander movie..except for Punch Drunk Love...that wasn't typical lowest common denominator crap. I haver like "Happy Gilmore" and the films with Drew Barrymore, but eh. I can live without seeing the magic remote control movie. Maybe if i was out of my mind on some kind of substance that makes things seem funnier than they are and at the same time makes you just veg out and sit still long enough to watch a movie and munch out...but Nothing like that exists..does it?

4.Any of the weekly Steven Segall movies that are released straight to video.

5.Little Man. Come on now. A rayons brother plays a midget pretending to be a baby so he can yada yada who gives a fuck. Thats just stupid. And a movie like that stays on the tope 20 for months while Little Miss Sunshine drops in one week. * the top 20 is a display at work where we sell the previously viewed movies. It's a list of the best sellers of the previous week. But the masses are made up of the lowest common denominator and its sad. When a crap movie is released people just go nuts for it. They think, and say, that the movie must be good because we have so many copies of them and they are all checked out. True, it may be agreat movie, but it might not be either. the idea that something is good because everybody else wants it is the mentality of our culture.

6. The Gridiorn Gang. Or someting like that. Its the Rock being a teacher or something to inner city kids or something. I liked it better when Michelle Phiffer played that part.. OR even better when Sidney Pottier was doing it. Plus this one hs football.

I realize I'm being a snob.There is a chance that these things could be good.I thought Buffy the Vampire Slayer would be retarded but it became my favorite show EVER. And it irritates me to no end when people, like my boyfriend, make fun of it without giving it a chance..but thats different. It's different because I'm the one doing it this time, of course.

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