Thursday, February 1, 2007

janky Minks

Women who go to college are more likely to enjoy oral sex than high school dropouts. Yah Higher Ed!

Fellatio ranks as the number one sex act desired by heterosexual men For gay men its as routine as flossing.Actually I know a few guys who probably have floss in their mouth less often know.

Minks have sex for an average of 8 hours! They are also notorious meth abusers.

Chimpanzee's on the other hand last about 3 seconds. Quick draw mcgraws. .

75% of men ejaculate within 3 minutes of penetration. So much for that minute man myth.Yah Team

Sex words originating with our fellow Pervs in Japan

Bukkake–a. during group sex many men ejaculate on the body and face of someone. b.genre of porn.

Gokkun– the sound of swallowing to the Japanese. Gokkun girls usually play with the spent sperm before swallowing it. Nobody ever says "I wanna be a Gokkun girl when I grow up.".

Tamakeri: a fetish involving a pretty girl kicking men in the testicles. The slap sound is a major part of the attraction. Um….ok.

Real Porn Titles

Gang bangs of NewYork

-Ball the Presidents Men

The Texas Dildo Masquerade

-Great Muppet Raper,The

-Guess Who Came at Dinner

-Cum and Cummer

Joy Suck Club, The

-I know Who You Did Last Summer

-Lord of the Cock Ring
-Crouching Penis, Hidden vagina
-Queer and Present Danger
-Rosemary's Booby

Can any of the sick minds out there come up with some great classic Porn names? You come up with the name and we can put one on. Make it in the backyard with our super 8's like they did on the Brady Bunch.

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