Thursday, February 22, 2007

new music and funny comedy Hour with .Liberace

Thursday, February 15, 2007

boring personal stuff. best just to skip.

channel 214 presents
The New Music and Funny Comedy Hour with ...Liberace. (heres your announcer Earl) Hey Hey baby's. This is ...well you can just plain tell I ain't Liberace. And I don't right feel right about playing that I am. This is our new show where we spotlight the new funny and musical videos that we stole, found . And we couldn't think of a person to host that was funny and musical except for Sarah Silverman and Fern came up with Liberace. Fern is the lady who answers the phones. You haven't met her on account of her boyfriend seems to keep accidentally hitting her in the face with a door and it doesn't look too good on camera.First Fern suggested Kathy from the funny pages cuz she thinks that gal Kathy is Hilarious...but she is not musical and that made her invalid.And since Liberace was kinda a funny man...a real funny duck...he would be good..but he is also dead. Anyway...we're still looking for a host but until then watch these two clips. Its also not an hour either but the New Music and Funny Comedy 8 minutes didn't sound as good.

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