Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Grammy Awards who?

Are the Grammy s still a big deal? I haven't seen them in years, and while that in and of itself doesn't mean anything I like to think I have a decent "buzz: radar even in my old age, and I don't ever really hear to much about the Grammys unless I'm watching CBS the week of the event and they spam me with Grammy commercials. But I can't think of any reason why I would be watching CBS this year, and I guess I heard about them somewhere. I thought we could take a look at some of the grammy nominees...many for my first time. Yeah maybe I'm not so buzz-tacular after all. Lets see what the if you can call the Grammy voters kids, are listening to these days.

Record of the Year....
1.Mary J. Blige "Be 'Without You". Hey...I was thinking I didn't know this song and when i play it on youtube it turns out I know all the words to the chorus at least...or enough that I can fake the rest with my own mix of made up lyrics. It's catchy...and has a nice little groove. It's not gonna be on my 10 most played list..or even 20..but I would play it sometime. I'd give it a grade of...B.

2.James Blunt.."Your beautiful". Oh...this song. was this years "It was Everywhere!!!" song. I guess if i needed quick confidence boost. Or ..this would be the perfect song for all those myspace people who have the quizzes and surveys that consist of anything but narcissistic questions about how cute you think they are or how cool you think they are...or whatever else that they need some validation with. Yeah, I think this is who this song is really intended for. grade of...i guess C

3. Dixie Chicks "Not Ready to Make Nice". This would be my choice for winner out of the nominees. Not only is it the only song from this list that I have in my play list the fact that it's a response to all those small minded, big mouthed Bush Lovers is just really damn cool. I was never really a fan of The Dixie Chicks...I didn't not like them..just didn't know much about them...but now I'm seeking them out to listen to and read about. From what I can see I like the way they carried themselves during the whole we call it a controversy? oh brother. My grade is an ....A.

4.Gnarles Barkley "Crazy". OK...I'm a lier. This was also that song you heard everywhere...and that includes my play list. got me twice. This is a good, catchy song. I give it an A. but I'm still rooting for the dixie chicks if only for the message..and how much that would piss off some people that its fun to piss off.

5. Corinne Bailey "Put Your Records On"- If I learned one lesson here its that I should maybe put some time into preparation for these blogs and not always just jump in. This is a great song..and I do know it , of course. I might like it the best. It's happy, feel good, sunny...all good. I give it an A. I'm still rooting for the Chicks to win for their big fuck you to their former "fans".\

Video of the Year(short form, whatever that means)

1.8th of November Big & Rich was ok...and it is a good story about a corageous guy. But video of the year? It was pretty manipulative. It would be the equivalant of give the Oscar to Pearl Harbor. I don't know...C+

2.The Killers.."When you were young".
I like the Killers. The song is great and the video is pretty good too.I would have to see it a few more times before I tried to anylyze it. I say it deserves a B.

3.OK GO "Here it goes again" This video is just too cool. Its fun to watch, innovative and really stands out from these others that look pretty pretensious and
overdone compared. I give it an A+

4.Red Hot Chilly Peppers " Dani California"
Good song. fun video.Wheezer did the same concept 1o years ago but much better. B

5/UnderOath. "Writing on the walls".
like the video, but this song made me feel like I really am getting old...cuz it sounded like a lot of noise to me. video B.

I could think of a few choices that are better than a lot on here. Death Cab's "I will follow you" for one. Hell...i get more excited when the snakes on a plane video comes on more than 2/3 of the nominated songs and video's.

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