Thursday, February 22, 2007

Reccomended Site ....Must see Myspace Blog
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I recently came across the most hilarious (its funny cuz its true) collection of videos about the View and all the freaky dickey stuff that has been happening over there lately...its crazy enough to have me watching and wanting to blog about. I was just about to start a new channel 214 segment featuring the bitterly fun-tastic comedic stylings of this guy destined to be a star, steal his clips and risk the wrath it may bring...all for you viewers. I did it for you...and johnny man....I did it for Johnny....oh and you. Where was I? What the fuc....oh...yeah..What the Buck! Thats the name of the break out star who I was going to steal for my own blog but then it turns out he is a star of his own right here on Myspace.So instead I encourage you to check him out for a real good laugh. Well, since I already have a few clips all lined up I might as well show them to you..then you can go see more for yourself.My Celebrity feuds and Meltdowns series begins with the queen of the celebrity feuds these days...former queen of nice Rosie O'Donnell of the View. If you don't think hes funny or you don't know whats going on at The View then just f off then. Don't even watch it. You have some nerve showing up at my blog not prepared by knowing whatever it is I expect you to know at any given time. I think I'm having a mother fu@# ing meltdown now! Not to mention I could be starting a celebrity feud! I could only be so lucky. Have a look then check out his My space page. Good Stuff.

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