Thursday, July 12, 2007

thats so gay-myspace bulletion addition

Thats so Gay!

I just read a bulletin that asks its readers to add on to the list of things that are "gay." I scanned the long list.which ended up with 113 entries , but only about 7 items were subjects that could remotely be described as gay. They might not be sexually gay, but it is at least conceivable that they might be called "so gay".

#1. Backstreet Boys & #25. NSYNC- Boy bands as a rule are acceptable targets of thats so gay slinging.

#2. High School Musical- I love me some High School Musical, which in and of itself could qualify it as fitting on the list, but the fact is that any musical could be called gay and I would accept it.

#28. fags- its not very nice, depending on the intent of the author, but I'm going to allow it. "fags" are gay.

#36. Ryan Seacrest-Although he is technically probably a metrosexual, it is still an acceptable entry on a dismally ungay list.

#117. two guys making out- an old standby.

Over half of the entry s were different people's names. As in "my brother is gay" or "My English teacher". Hilarious.

A majority of items weren't gay in any way I could find, and I have pretty good gaydar. How could this be you ask? Well sadly, it is further proof that kids today aren't using the word correctly. They use gay interchangeably with stupid or bad, like in the following examples.
10. Backstabers,
46. Breakups
89. Being Dumped = GAYY!.. Trying ta move on = GAYYER!.

All I'm saying is you can use the word as a dis if you want, but it doesn't mean anything if you don't use it more selectively. Here are a few more examples. Watch as I discern whether they belong in the list of approved gay things.

3. school- acceptable if your going to a gay high school, as in a high school for gays. Your school is also gay if is a preforming arts school, like from Fame. Man was that movie gay. If your school is starting to have funny new feelings for another school of the same sex.
(Sulu is so gay...)

11. Snobby preps- This one might work. If they are Amberzombie's then yes, you can use the adjective gay. Also if your a boy and the snobby prep in question is also a boy and every time you turn around his mouth is on your dick.

12. Summer school- Is it a singing and dancing summer school? Is Cher your remedial English teacher? Do they play dance music in between classes? Then it's not gay.

18. Broken elevators!- What the fuck does that have to do with being a flaming queen?

20. Max && Kyle. lmao jk homeworkk...eww.- you thought that was laughing my ass off funny? Really? You might be a douche bag, but a straight douche bag.

21.necrofeliacs- If the poor illiterate soul was referring to super pervs who like to put on some Barry White, open a bottle of wine and put their warm human bits inside cold dead corpses...then thats about as gay as people who like to get thrown up on is heterosexual.

26. Detention- only if you got detention by giving a member of the same sex fellatio.

27. Work over summer- Sure. But only if your working in a hair salon, at a gay bar or on a gay porn set.

42. prank callers- Do your prank callers often judge you by the labels you wear? Do they offer biting comments about the visual presentation of your last get together? Do they sing show tunes unprovoked? Yep, then your prank caller is gay.

47.Yu-gi-oh cards- Like the one where Yu-gi-oh takes it from behind by his leather daddy.

48.haters. Do they hate clothes shopping at Wall Mart? Are they hating on PE middle school memories or SuperCut's? Sure your hater is probably gay.

49.Making Eggs:))- what do they make the eggs do? Preform scenes from Les Mis. Do you make them watch such camp classics as "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" for their own good?

63. bermuda shorts-definitely NOT gay.

65. people who steal stuff. >people who steal the cherries of other people with the same sexual equipment as themselves. Yes.People who steal copies of "Another Gay Movie" or other gay movies. Probably. People who steal from Payless Shoes, I doubt it.

66. over protective parents. Are they overprotective of their fag hags?

77.George bush- We aren't taking him. Oh no...he is absolutely not so gay.

85. No Phone-think about that one smarty. When I get used to not having a phone I feel the most un gay. My people like to communicate, so not having your phone is also not gay.

92. Girls that lead you on- Do they usually go back to eating pussy after leading you on?

93. Needle dicks-If you go away from this lesson knowing only 1 thing, its that most of us gays are what you call size queens. At least more likely to be into big ones than ..what was that charming phrase...needle dicks.

101.Wiggers (you can like the music,don't act the culture!)- Nice. Extra points for being racist as well as homophobic.

103.NERDY KIDS- I'm sure a few of em are.

104. when they promise they love you but lie- Did they promise to learn you some grammar too? Did they say anything about teaching you self respect?

107.citrus airspray- cuz nothing says I like to eat other boys asses like the smell of a Florida Orange Grove.

Not only does calling everything you don't like gay make you seem a bit homophobic(a big red flag that the homophobe in question belongs on this list) but it takes any real meaning out of the word gay. At least any meaning that actually describes something. Next time thing about some of the gay stereotypes you know and start from there.
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