Thursday, July 12, 2007

sex survey

It's Thursday's All Star Sexual Extravagnza

with your Kinky Perv Host With The Most

(the most whoreish maybe)

Jankey B!

Hey you reading this....Come On Down! Your the next contestant on This Is Your Sex Party! You have been selected to plan your very own fantasy sex party with the kookiest bunch of celebrities, the most twisted bunch of fictional characters and the most depraved cartoon characters doing unspeakable acts of pure hedonistic depravity!I will give you some naughty choices and together we will make sure you have a night of sexual excess that you will remember for the rest of your life. You may choose to remember it while masturbating or by trying to block the terrible shame, thats your business. Are you ready to play? Just remember Jankey B is not responsible for any damage inflicted on your emotionally or physically and i retain exclusive rights to the online distribution of the party pictures. And those of your insisting that your not a slut, a skank or a whore...(yeah, right. I've read some of the stuff your sick puppies write) just pretend your one for the day. Theres no time to waste. Lets get those invitations out!

1. You must invite two musicians of your choice to attend. This could be any one from Elvis Presley to Yoko One to Rob Zombie. They can be living or dead...but don't worry they will be alive and breathing at on your special day..unless your more perverted than I gave you credit for and you really are that sick. Who are you inviting?

2.Now invite one cartoon character of your choice. Who will it be?

3. Go ahead and choose another cartoon character, only this time it can't resemble a human. Examples of a correct choice could include Marvin th3e Martin or Winnie the Pooh. Who do you pick?

4. Pick a superhero. Any superhero and tell me why.

5. One '70s era star. Suggestions include one of Charlie's Angels or either Sanford or his son. go ahead , who do you pic?

6. one member from either The Beetles or The Rolling Stones.?

7. Hell..why were in the 70's already lets swing by and pick up a Brady or a Partridge. Who do you choose?

8.Lets really start a scandal and bring a politician, any politician.

9. Any character from any book.

10.A well known personality from the world of broad cast journalism, such as Barbara Walters or Matt Lauer from the Today show.

11.Quick, now invite someone from your friends list.

12.No sex party would be complete without an old fashioned sex monster. ...but we will go one step farther and invite a movie monster. I think Dracula or Freddy Krueger might be free if you want things to get a little rough.

13.You can only invite one of those crazy kids from Three's Company. Shall it be Jack, Chrissy or Janet? If your up for it I'm sure Mrs. Roper would be game.

14. A character from a fairy tale

15Somone from a movie you have seen recently.

16. Either one of the Golden Girls or a smurf, and which one?

17.Invite either a former or current cast member of Saturday Night Live. this party multi-cultural? It better be. i am going to list off some types of people, and if you haven't picked at least one person from that category you must do it now.

a. A white person
b. a black person
c. an Asian
d. a man
e. a woman.
g. a Latino
h. a Canadian

19.a. Any historical person.

19b. any character from the bible

20 Now pick a category of your choice..and someone that fits. just a few questions to make sure this is the sexual highlight of your life. Some of these are a little ore personal, and if you don't feel comfortable answering them just tell me to fuck the fuck off. it turns me on.

21. Would you like to mess around with your identical twin if you had one? Why or why not? Do you feel more comfortable with the idea of it being your clone?

22.Do you like porn? How often do you watch it? What kind turns you on the most?

23. Whats your hottest pair of underwear?

24. Do you enjoy sex with a virgin?

25. Do you have a nick name for your sexy parts? Did you name your cock men? Do you women have nicknames for your girls(I mean your boobies)? how bout your lady place?

26. If you could have one superpower what would it be...and how would you use it sexually?

27. If you had to give up either fucking, oral sex or deep tounge kissing for a year what would it be?

28.What famous person that other people seem to find sexy really doesn't do anything for you. Not a thing.

29.Have you ever masturbated somewhere you weren't supposed to or under unusual circumstances?

30. Assuming you don't have one already, if you woke up tomorrow with a real desire to develop yourself a fetish...what fetish would you choose?

31. you have any provocative questions to add to this?

I suppose to be fair I should answer any question that I ask I will do that shortly. It would be awesome if you answered some of these and either put them in the comments, or added a link to your own blog of answers. Thanks. You dirty bird you.

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