Thursday, July 12, 2007

12 Things You Were Never Meant To Know About ME!

12 Things You Were Never Meant To Know About ME!

1. I don't usually cry over real life things, but I let the flood loose watching tv or movies or when reading. There was this Tide commercial where an older college age brother gave his little brother a shirt..he was like 9 and he loved that shirt. He loved it so much the mom wouldn't wash it in anything but Tide and it always teared me up. Spider man 2 also made me cry during the runaway train scene when the people Spider man saved gave him back his mask and said his secret was safe with them. I was crying buckets and trying not to let the people around me see.

2. When I was 21 I took a much needed break from my distructive party lifestyle and rewarded myself by taking a trip to Europe. The plan was to hitchhike around the continent like a book from the 60's I had read. I had read about a US company that bought tickets for stranded Americans so I got a one way ticket to Amsterdam. I got mugged right after I left the train station and the comapany that I had read about was out of business so I was stranded in Europe.Well the backpack was too fucking heavey so I didn't do much hitchhiking. I never even left the city. I moved in with Aad Van der Whall whom I met at a posh sex club there. I stayed 3 weeks and my grandpa bought me a ticket home. I will blog about this in detail soon

3. When I kill a spider I leave its body on the wall as a warning to other spiders not to enter my domain. I figure if I was in the jungle and I saw a human head on a spike I'd go the other maybe the same is true for them.

4. I've been watching soap opera's since I was in the 8th grade. I used to skip school to watch One Life To Live. At graduation the valedictorian said they hoped to see my acting on OLTL real soon. I just love continuing story's. Thats also why I like Heros and Lost.

5. I read my mothers copy of Flowers in the Attic when I was in 4th grade. I can't believe she thought that was appropriate, but I didn't understand the incest stuff anyway.

6. My favorite number is 214. My first apartment was that number...I met my first "love"/obsession on the 2nd...we had sex on the 14th of the next month. It was Buffy the Vampire Slayers dorm room. It's also Valentines day.

7. I love making collages, cards, scrapbooks, signs, etc. I love stickers. Its one of the best gifts besides a gift certificate to Powells books that I could get. My partner says instead of flowers at my funeral there are going to be stickers all over the place.

8. I love to hear about people's kinks, fantasies, secrets, regrets, sexual experiences, etc. I love truth or dare for the same reason. I rarely if ever judge and the only thing I can't hear about or watch is probably anything scat related.

9. When I was a CNA we were moving a recently deceased resident and his head turned onto my arm and he kinda threw up on me. ughh. That was my first exposure to a dead person...I handled it fine until I was back in my area then I kinda freaked for a minute.

10. I want to dress as one of the wonder twins for Halloween. I just need the other twin. Jenny from the blog (All That) are you listening?

11. I am a compulsive truth teller. I tell way to much info and share things that most people would never admit. I am good with a secret however. I get off on knowing secrets. The only really taboo subjects are anything number 2 (as in bathroom) related, taxes, or my student loans.

12. I am difficult to shock. try me.

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