Saturday, July 14, 2007

Best Cover Songs Ever!!

I was checking out the new Green Day cover of one of my favorite John Lennon songs--Working Class Hero--and I started thinking about some cover songs that I really like. Then I thought "Hey!" I exclaimed to myself. I exclaimed "Hey! Why don't you do a 20 best cover songs ever list just like you did that 80 Best Rock Songs Ever list a a while back. And then I remembered how well that one worked out since I just kept adding songs...and forgetting others, not to mention the fact that who the hell am I to say what the best are. So instead I'm going to write about some covers that I think are very nice. It in no way implies that they are the best and that your favorites suck or something. Except for the ones YOU like. Those ones really do suck.
So what makes a good cover song? A lot of these songs i think are not only on par with the original version, but many of them are better. Also, a good cover is going to do something different than just a exact version of the original. As pain pill popping Paula Abdul would say on that show that she does sometimes..."They made it their own." So without any further ado...


1. If you liked the Carpenters version of Superstar...which is basically about some crazy girl stalking a rock star who fucked her on the way through to the next gig and she actually thinks he's coming back for her you need to check out Sonic Youth's cover.And if you hate the Carpenters you'll really like this one because he really does make it his song. It qualifies as haunting...and it's a nice tribute to the number one most played at the dentist and for the Musac in the elevator...Miss. Karen Carpentor.

2. Jolene. Dolly Parton begged Jolene to please not take her man..even though that pretty bitch can. And Jack White of the White Stripes ends up doing the same. Most impressively to me is the fact that he doesn't change the words to the song and make Jolene a Joe for fear that he might sound too gay. He has other things to worry about. Like that home wrecking hussy Jolene taking his man away. I saw the stripes preform this before I even knew who they were and it made an impression.

3. Hurt. This song was a tearjerker when Trent Reznor sang it. When Johnny Cash steps up to the microphone bringing his own hurt out there for us to feel it's heartbreaking. June Carter Cash,the love of his life was gone and he would be right behind her, to follow her into the dark like a good husband should.

4 Hit me Baby One More Time. Yeah, its was Brittney's song, but not after Travis Hill take a stab at it. I've noticed a trend in the covers I like Wanna hear it ? here it goes....The best one seem to strip the song down to the basics instead of going bigger, louder and uncut.

5. Hey Ya. I kept seeing stuff about this version, starring someone named Waddle from a band called Obadiah. I finally watched it and my life has never been the same. Well..I just saw it earlier today...and i guess my life hasn't changed that much, but yours might. Everybody else has by now and its a real nice surprise. Like getting woken up to oral sex. Your just in a better mood for it. 6. Working Class Hero. It's the one that inspired me to waste my time on this list in the fast place.Its a great political song and Greenday seem to be right out there being one of our more political musicians.

Ok...I hardly got any sleep and I'm all of a sudden falling there. So the list will be ...nodding off. end of transmission. I will make a part two. What did you think about these so far?

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