Thursday, July 12, 2007

3 things I Miss About Being Single

3 things I Miss About Being Single

These are 3 of the things I miss about being single.

1. I miss being as big of a slob as I want. Granted, I'm no Mr. Clean right now, but I have to try to pick up for myself as much as I can or suffer the consequences. My boyfriend is a Virgo. Enough said. He makes his bed before he leaves in the morning, cleans dishes as he uses them and hangs his cloths up as he takes them off. I don't. But I'm trying. My room is trashed less than a half hour after I clean it, but thats allowed. I really have to make an effort to keep my half finished craft projects, kitchen disasters and dirty towels picked up.

2. I miss being totally spontaneous and not having to think about anyone else. This weekend Cain and I were supposed to work on the trellis we are making and do some other things around the house. We were also going to make a trip to Costco and I was going to make a blueberry pie. He was up at the crack of dawn wanting to jog, go to breakfast, blah blah blah. The blah is all I hear because it was Memorial Day, I didn't have to work and I was sleeping in. I woke up long enough to move from his bed to the one in my room so he could make it. I stumbled out of bed around noon. He was in the gagage putting trellis pieces together. He had already gone to the gym, jogged, and hung out at the coffee shop. I poked my head out to ask if he needed any help. He said no, so I curled up on the couch and feel turned on "Harold and Maude". I feel asleep before it was over and was woken up to my friend and her sister dropping by to ask if I wanted to go for a walk to get free ice cream from Beth's bf's work. I asked Cain if I could go play with my friends, he said yes, but wasn't acting very pleased.

We went for the walk, and two hours later after stopping at the store for picnic supplies I asked if Alex and Beth (along with Alex's dog and Beth's daughter) wanted to come over and help me paint and picnic in the yard. At home, Cain was starting to Bar-B-Q for him and our roommate. He was kinda thrown when we got there. He likes to be a prepared host, with enough for everybody and a minimum of unexpected guests. Alex sensed his irritation and offered for them to go home and eat if he wanted. He paused..a bit long..and it was obvious he wasn't into more guests so they left. They apologized for getting me into trouble..and I replied that I wasn't the one in trouble. I was pissed. I want my friends to feel welcome and was angry with him for not doing that. I let him have it...after an hour of silence while I did some of the work I was supposed to. After we had it out...I felt a little bad because we did have plans together. Thats when Cain surprised me by getting on the phone with Alex, apologizing, and inviting them back over. He also accepted the offer of us all going to see "Grindhouse" that evening. The fact that he did that melted away my anger and we had a nice snuggling time together before the movie.

3. I miss being the hottest one at my house. There seemed to be less competition when I was single. We have an open relationship, so sex outside the relationship is ok...but dating and other relationships are not. Well, my partner is hot. A lot of guys in town want him...and sometimes seem to use me to get to him. I've had a few instances where someone is over and keeps asking about him. A few times his entrance has taken the attention off of me and right onto him. We are both different guys are usually into one of us more than the other. I love it when I come out the winner...but I'm less than thrilled when the opposite is true. We were out at a bar once, obviously together, and a little ho even came and put his number in Cain's back pocket! Oh Boy I was kinda peeved. OK...the note said the guy wanted tagged teamed..but still...If I was a drunk lesbian I would have thrown down!

I was going to make this a list of 6, but my reason number 2 was pretty damn long. There was also something about how I wouldn't mind missing a lack of talk radio, CNN and Meet The Press that my politically active, very informed, super intelligent boyfriend likes to have on. A lot. But then I would miss him even more.

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