Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pick a fetish

Do people shy away from you at parties? Do new acquaintances always forget your name? Maybe you need to make yourself more interesting. Liven up that wallflower personality. One sure way to do that is to develop a fetish. That's right, a peculiar sexual quirk that you often put all the focus on during lovemaking. It will be a hit choice for interesting cocktail party talk as long as its not overdone.It seems like everybody and their grandmother has a foot fetish or works part time as a dominatrix these days. Here are a few sexual oddity's that will separate you from the crowd.

Agalmatophillia- To qualify for this you only need to become sexually attracted to mannaquins and statues! Wasn't that an '80's movie?

Homilophilia- This is the term used for people who become sexually arouse while listening to or giving sermons and speeches.

oculolinctus- This little gem would refer to the act of licking your lovers eyeball for sexual arousal. Yikes! Eye just don't get it.But I think my sister might have it!shhhh!

Abasiophilia:sexual attraction to people who use leg braces. Hip!

Apotemnophillia:You just need to develop an intense desire to be an amputee by removing a healthy appendage.This time next year I bet all the cool kids will be doing it.

Dendrophilia: This would be a sexual attraction to trees and other large plants. Right on

Toonophillia: This is you if you have a sexual arousal to cartoon characters and situations. Jinkies!

Who is your pick for cartoon character you would like to have some fun with? I'm gonna have to think about it...there are just so many, and they're just so easy. But if you can think of any let me know.

Do you want their bodies? Do you think they're sexy? Come on sugar let me know. You know your developing a bad case of toonophillia.

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