Friday, January 26, 2007

Let me introduce you to my little friend

OK, so I am reading through this most awesome book in my Human Sexuality Library (doesn't that sound more respectable than my porn closet..heh). No actually it is my human sexuality library and there's a very cool book called Everything You Know About Sex Is Wrong that I am recommending. But there's an article about the names people name their hoo hoos and their ding dongs and why. So I was wondering about my readers, who I can only imagine are some real freaky diekies if you know what I mean..and you do 'cuz your probably one mother of a freak. (I mean that in the best way of course).. So I was wondering if any of you named your little you's . well, aren't you gonna introduce us?

Some names for the Manly Bits...Chuck, Goolie, Hank Jr., Little Willy, Peter J. Firestone, Maxwell's Silver Hammer (a beatles song), The Wilder Williams, Little Elvis, George, Mortimer, Zeke, Little Richard,Chunky"open wide for Chunky") Lazar (who rises from the dead), and Omar the Tentmaker among others.

Don't call it a Vulva, that sounds more like a sturdy sweedish automobile...this is what the kids are calling it these days..Little Joanie, ,
Eunice, Miranda, Sophia, Furry Rabbit, Hot and Juicy, Pink, Wonderland, Coozie, Honeypot, Mama's Box, Miss Muff, and my other favorite besides Muffin...Fancy.

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