Monday, January 29, 2007

Do you Measure up?

HOW Do You Compare

Are you obsessed with penis size? Always comparing yourself to the guys in the locker room, or the animals on the Discovery Channel? If you want to go from a Mosquito to a whale in just 6 weeks order my amazing new cream...Whale Cock© and watch the ladies come running. or uh...swimming...I never said the human ladies would dig it.

1. Humpback whale 10 ft
2. Elephant 5-6 ft
3. Bull 3 ft
4. Stallion 2 ft 6 in.
5. Rhinoceros 2 ft
6. Pig 18-20 in.
7. Man 6 in.
8. Gorilla 2 in.
9. Cat ¾ in.
10. Mosquito 1/100 in.

SOURCE: Leigh Rutledge, The Gay Book of Lists (Boston: Alyson Publication, 1987)

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