Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sex with Captain Caveman interview

An interview with my boyfriends friend with benefits who helped us move today Part I



Today while we were going through the horrible process of moving I kept my mind on other things by interviewing Dexter, someone who my bf gets together with sometimes who was awesome enough to help with the move. Dexter is in good looking black male in his early 30's. He is also helpful with a big and confident personality. And self proclaimed "wise, passive aggressive, loyal and dominating, but not overly". We had never met before today. The bf was a little concerned with me grilling him for info…what kind of info I don't know, but I kept the questions away from anything weird. Well, that depends on what you consider weird. I think they are perfectly normal questions, but you decide.

Jankey B- I'll start out with any easy getting to know you kinda question. Lets say you are throwing a super sex party. You can invite 2 historical people, 2 fictional character and 2 cartoon characters, one of whom can't be human.

Dexter- For historical I would have Hercules…

JB- I think that's fictional. But he fits here. Who else?

Dexter- who was that guy Brad Pitt played in Troy? Achilles. For fictional character I'll do The Borg and Captain America. For Cartoon character I'd pick Jessica Rabbit.

JB- And for the second cartoon character?You have to pick one non human. And don't try any trick answers like the whole wishing for more wishes. You can't pick superman because he isn't officially human.

After trying to come up with a good alien character he decided on Captain Caveman.....

JB-If your life were a 3 song mash-up what 3 songs would you pick?

Dexter- "I want your sex" George Michael

"You Sexy Motherfucker" Prince

"Pretty Young Thing" Michael Jackson

JB- If you were on death row what would be your last meal?

Dexter- Can I just get some protein from the hot guard? Ok…I'd get some jambalaya

B- What superhero would you want to be and how would you use your power?

Dexter- Green Lantern... I would use my powers to the fullest extent; you know what I'm saying. I would use them for good of course. And to avenge against all the people who have wronged me. ..And intimidation.

JB-Who is the hottest superhero?

Dexter- Wonder Woman.

B- This or That? Highlight the choice you like best out of the two given.

Beatles or Rolling Stones

Sunrise or Sunset

Lindsay Lohan or Hillary Duff

Rape or Plunder

Slut or Whore

Looney Tunes or Disney

Mom or Dad

Lets take a break while you figure out what your going to say to all the poor Looney Tunes whores and your own father when they read this. We'll be right back.

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