Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Buffy Saved my LIfe --interview

Interview With one of my partners F@#K Buddies Part II
"Buffy Saved My Life!!"

JB-If you were a woman for a day what would you want to experience?

Dexter- Giving birth. Then no one would be able to say I don't know what that feels like.

At this point Cain, Dex and I were discussing the movie Arnold Schwateneger was in where he was pregnant. Here he says how he really likes Arnold because when he used to be an autograph seeker he called to Arnold from the other side of the street and Arnie came back over and shook his hand and signed his autograph. Then Cain and Dexter got into a discussion about Arnold and Politics, which I won't report here. That would make this a political blog and then my boyfriend would probably read it religiously.

JB-What are your favorite autographs you collected?

The lead singer of Living Color

Muhammad Ali

JB- whose autograph would you like?


Alyssa Milano.


Quincy Jones

Johnny Depp

Ricky Schroeder

JB- do you have any guilty pleasures?

Dexter- I don't really have much guilt.

JB- I mean do you really like something that is a little embarrassing or something like that.

Dexter- I'm not embarrassed. My favorite show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

(Here we get into an animated discussion about the coolness and smart writing that is, or was, Buffy. It's my favorite show as well and the fact that he won't watch it is probably the thing I argue with Cain about the most. Dexter goes on to recount how he was depressed for a long time until one day, he was walking through the living room and noticed a show his roommate was watching. He likes special effects and something happening on the screen caught his attention. Yes friends that show was Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)

Dexter- I was depressed for like 2 years, and I never get depressed. After watching Buffy I got out of the house, felt good, it brought me out of my depression. (Another innocent young life saved by Buffy Summers). I went to school with Charisma Carpenter (she played Cordellia on Buffy)..


JB- I work at a video store and we have employee picks shelfs. If you had your own shelf what movies would be on it? (FYI- I have a teen movie theme on my shelf as of last night. My movie pics are Heathers, Dazed and Confused, Sixteen Candles, Lost Boys, Mean Girls and I think Saved. The Breakfast Club and High School Musical were checked out).


Heathers (wow, me too...)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , the original

Escape from Witch Mountain

Dazed and Confused (second Wow)


JB- What horror movie villain would you be most scared to run into?

Dexter- Freddy Kruger.

JB- Which one do you think you could take. Or at least escape from?

Dexter- Leprechaun.

JB- If you could be any other sign besides your own (Scorpio) what would it be?

Dexter- Leo. They are confident and sexy.

JB- Which would you not want to be ever?

Dexter-I guess Aries.

(He couldn't say Gemini or Virgo because Cain and I were in the car with him.)

JB- What's your favorite word?

Dexter-Probably dude. It used to be debonair.

JB- Which stereotypes about being black and/or gay are true for you?

Dexter- (for Black) I can dance.

(for gay) I don't fit most gay stereotypes (that's what every gay person says…)

I don't like to get dirty. And I'm fierce.

JB- Are their any races or ethnic groups you have never fooled around with?

Dexter- I'm pretty universal.

(here are a few other quotes that weren't interview related Dexter was overheard saying throughout the day….)

--"You can do whatever you want. Just don't get caught if it's illegal." (said to Cain who asked if he could turn left somewhere.)

--"I've always loved Dr. Ruth"..

--"Dreams are what movies are made out of."

JB- Thank you for answering my questions and thanks for the help moving. I got what i came here for. This interview is over!

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