Thursday, March 8, 2007

SEX LISTS on channel 214

Channel 214

with BJ
(the slutty half of the BJ and Brother Dean sex advice show).

Are you tired of being so damned Vanilla? Do you want to spice up your sex life but don't know where to start? Fret no more because I am here to help. In a few short non threatening lessons we can explore the wide range of sexual pleasures.Just think baby steps. OK...I'll assume you have no more experience than one on one missionary sex in a committed relationship. Wow...really? thats all you've done? How old are you? I had more variety under my belt before middle school. OK.Well..i guess the obvious next step would be something simple and non threatening like putting yourself up as a sex slave online or in a gay bathhouse. Just put an ad offering your body up for anything and everything a rough sadistic master might require of you. What makes this sexual adventure so great for beginners is the control and responsibility are taken out of your nubile hands and given to an experienced daddy who will know just what to do to you. Or with you as the case may be. You just have to take it. Don't worry about proper slave behavior. You can do whatever feels right. Too be honest it really doesn't matter what you start out doing, your master will make sure you start behaving as he wants you too before long. And hey, if you feel like screaming or protesting it can all become part of the fun. And the best part is during this one little step outside your box theres the possiblilty of tasting a big variety of sexual possibilities.Depending on your masters taste you could come out of this with some knowledge on oral sex, leather or extreme body modification. You might even be able to teach me a thing or too. Thats your homework for this week. Get started on your ads. Remember words like total submissive, no limits and human punching bag make great describing words. Until next time...Step outside the Sexual Box, why dontcha?

part 2
Male Masturbation Synonyms
that start with the letter C

1.Cheating on your other hand
2.Choking Kojak
3.Crank yanking
4.Committing mass spermicide
5.Calling all cum
6.Caping the crusader
7.Choking yourself into emission
8.Closet Frisbee
9.Clubbing the baby seal
10.Custer's Last Stand
Check out other masturbation terms starting with C, plus the 23 other letters at World Wide Wank

part 3
A few fetishes a bit less common than your average foot fetish or "Turn on's you can develop to make finding compatible sex partners that much more difficult"

crush fetish...involves getting off on watching others crush small bugs or other objects/creatures with their feet or shoes, usually. Ohh baby step on that ant. God damn you crushed the shit out of that roach. Crush it harder.

2.If you have a faunoiphillia you get all worked up watching animals mate. Forget the Spice Channel when you have the porno jackpot over on the Discovery Channel.

3. Pyrophillia describes the sexual arousal from setting,talking about, watching or fantasizing about fires. Thats hot.

4. Unlike those creepy bestiality jerks a person who is a
zoophille also has an emotional attraction to animals. It's not just about the sex. They love each other.For real people, don't be haters.

5.Heres a really unusual sounding one. Pictophillia is the sexual arousal to pictorial pornography or erotic art. Um...yeah those sick bastards get off on naked pictures. Thats the most fucked up of all. Very Rare. Uh Hu.Thats a problematic fetish? You don't want anyone to find out you get off on looking at normal porn.Better just say your a zoophille.

Find out more about your favorite fetish or paraphillia at

Thank you for joining us for our sexblock blog. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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