Thursday, March 8, 2007

28 more things about me

28 more things you don't need to know

1. I hate raw onions.

2.I refuse to eat kalamari, eel, scallops or any part of the chicken that is not
the breast. The dark meat has veins in it and its gross.

3..When I was dumb and young…er younger…I got a badly drawn version of the yellow 70's
smiley face tattooed on my lower right back
a.k.a. my ass…because this bitch Rhonda dared me too. In all fairness I was planning on getting it on my arm anyway.

4. I hated that tattoo with every part of me. I finally got it covered up with a black kind of sun thing a few years ago.

5. I also have a tattoo of puff the magic dragon on my arm.

6.The same day I got the smiley face I got a Chinese character on my ankle which I
think means peace. (I didn't get the tattoo it was actually Billy Joe…hehee)

7.I look like I am going through chemo when I wear a hat

8. I used to work as a nurses aid in a locked geri-psych unit….a place used to lock
crazy older people up. I loved that job.

9. I was store supervisor and person in charge of the book room the two years I
worked at St. Vincent DePaul. I made that book room awesome. I miss working

10, My first memory is playing with the boy next door, naked, in my Grandparents garage when
I was 5 and he was 4. We would spank each other on the butt then kiss it to
make it better. I know…I was a perv even then. I just remember thinking I could
get caught and liking it.

11. when I was 8 or 9 me and my friend Amy would play the I'll show you mine if you show me yours and then some game in wierd places. ..On the platform of the big slide at Wortman Park or in the bushes next to the
middle school.

12. I used to look forward to the new copy of Tv Guide in the mail every week. I was a strange child.

13. At one point I had my ears, tongue, eyebrow, labret belly button and nipple pierced.

14. The nipple piercing hurt the worst by far and I took it out a week later.

15. I really couldn't feel it when she pierced my tongue. It was that easy.

16. I used to be in a lot of plays from the age of 10 to 18. I had a dream of being an actor.
I was going to go to New York and get a job on One Life to Live. Hmm...

17.; I would probably fit in better and enjoy myself more if I worked as a writer on soap then as an actor.

18. When I was 5 my step dad wouldn't let me get a Strawberry Shortcake doll for Christmas ,
so my Grandma got me one as a secret present. It was actually the blue haired
boy doll. I think his name was Huckleberry something. Anyway. my Grandma was
fucking awesome.

19. I never got
the Mickey Mouse talking phone I was promised for getting my school shots when
I was 5.

20. I also
never got the Cabbage Patch Kid that would have been my reward for cleaning my
room for a month when I was in third grade. I really wanted that dolls birth certificate.

21. When I kill a spider by smashing him against the wall I leave his body on the wall as a warning to any other spider that comes this way that it is not a safe; place and perhaps this keeps a lot of the janky monsters away.

22.My mom let me read her copy of Flowers in the Attic in 4th grade. Innapropriate much?..

23.I am crafty.
I love doing all kinds of arts and crafts stuff.

24. My last
boyfriend hated my crafts. I kid you not he would say the word craft like he
was calling someone a cunt. "You and your arts and crafts" But imagine the
disdain rolling off his tongue.

25. ..;Making collages are my favorite. I love to cut things out of other things and then stick them in something else

..26. Decoupage
is my personal specialty. I love it!I love it! I love it!!

27.I love to
write and I had almost forgotten that until I started tinkering around with
this blog thing last month and now Its all I think about.

.28. The whole
channel 214 idea on here is just my outlet for being different characters. If
my blog were a public cable access channel it could have all kinds of weird but
fun to write for characters like the ultra religious advice guy or stripper

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