Wednesday, May 2, 2007

BJ and Brother Dean answer a sex question from a tickle freak

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

BJ and Brother Dean answer a sex question from a tickle freak

Channel 214 presents...
BJ and Brother Dean Answer Your Sex Questions

It's that time kids. Gather round and get your most private sex questions answered from BJ and Brother Dean on the "BJ and Brother Dean Show" They are a couple of crazy kooks. One hates any sex if it's not married and missionary. The other couldn't say no if he tried...and he's never tried. It's your hosts ....I've already said their name too many times....BJ and Brother Dean.

BJ- Hello Myspace and Channel 214 listeners! How the Hell are you? I couldn't be better. I had the craziest weekend you could imagine. Did you know that there are people that get all hot and horny dressing up as cute woodland creatures, hobbits or cartoon characters? Well they are out there and I got to experience it first hand at a cute little sex retreat. Let me tell you theres nothing cuter than a guy in a panda costume trying to have sex with a lady twice his size who is dressed up like the princess from Super Mario Brothers. I got pictures. Wanna know more about
Plushie fetish cuties?

Wanna see Brother Dean? Brother Dean?

Brother Dean- I can literally see the flickery fingers of flame reaching up from Hell to stroke your sins.

BJ- Is that what that feeling was? I thought maybe it was you stroking my sins Brother Dean.

Brother Dean- Well! I never-

BJ-I guess you can claim that if you don't count our last Christmas Party when you got trashed and ...jingled my bells. And by jingled I meant yanked and by bells I was referring to my testicles.

(Last years Christmas party "show")

Brother Dean- That most certainly never happened. In the name of all that is holly you take that back!

BJ- Whatever. It could have been another priest, who can keep track of you grabby little guys in your black dresses.

Brother Dean- Lets just read a letter. I'm sure there is someone waiting for you back at your sex factory.

BJ- It's true. And I can't remember if I made sure to punch some air holes in the box I left him in or not so lets hurry. I like that sex factory bit...thats a classy name for the place. OK...lets get crackin'!
(this letter stolen shamelessly from one of Savage Love readers. Sorry Dan. to see his advice
click here)

I'm a 17-year-old male with a tickling fetish and I don't have a problem with it. It just gets me off to tickle women. So why am I writing to you? My parents divorced when I was 13 and I live with my dad since my mom moved away. Six months ago, my dad married a 29-year-old woman. A few months ago, I tickled her armpit when she reached up into a cupboard. She didn't pull away and seemed to enjoy it. Surprisingly, she also has a tickling fetish on the opposite end. She loves it when a man tickles her. She now walks around the house barefoot and with skimpy clothing so that her stomach and ribs are exposed so I can tickle her whenever I want.

However, we always do it behind my dad's back. I would NEVER do this with my real mother (that's sick). But with a stepmom, is it okay? I'm starting to feel guilty about doing this without my dad's knowledge.

Lusting After Father's Fresh Spouse

Brother Dean- Fuck this shit, I'm going on a prayer binge. They don't pay me enough for this crap.

BJ- Don't you worry brother Dean, go get some air...I'll be sure to tell them about Hell for you. Bye Bye. the first question that I think of when I read this letter is cute is this 17yo and what is the age of consent where he's from. I may not be into tickling or step moms...but any kid who is up to all that is well on his way down the Perv highway which more often than not leads straight to me.

But seriously, it is commendable that you don't tickle your real mother LAFFS ..(oh..his name spells Laffs...cuz he likes to tickle. That fucking cute as a bugs ass.)...because that would not turn me on. Do you have a brother you can bout your dad? To sum it up....I'm sure Brother Dean wants you to know your going to Hell. It's probably not OK to roll around on the floor with your step mom...but this bit about ...what do you call it...guilt? That confuses me. I am not familiar with that emotion. But we are out of time. So I'm gonna bone up on researching this guilt thing....after I bone up on some other things...hehe. Until next time...Sin your little asses off folks. bye.

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