Tuesday, April 24, 2007

BJ and Brother Dean for April 23rd

Channel 214 presents the BJ and Brother Dean show with your hosts...its the man who loves his fire and brimstone. He knows why your going to Hell and isn't afraid to tell you..it's thats crazy God Lovin' preacher man...Brother Dean!!!

Brother Dean- God Loves you...well some of you.He used to.

And his co host...the guy who couldn't be any easier to get into bed. He thinks being called a whore is compliment..its BJ the whore.

BJ- There really isn't anything bad about being called a whore. At least a whore gets paid to do what a slut does for free. Not that theres an anything wrong with being a slut either. But at the very least get yourself a cigarette or some cab fare. Hi everybody.

Brother Dean- Why in the name of all that is holey are you dressed like some kind  of s and m loving angel of death.

BJ- Nothing else was clean. I never thought of it as angel of death...hmmm...kinky. I can work with that. Lets take a call.

My husband has been nagging

me lately to take part in a sexual fantasy he has been dreaming

about for the past several months. I'm always willing to spice

up our sex life, but his most recent fantasy has me not knowing

what to do. He wants me to give him a hand job while we take

our car through an automatic car wash. Can you please advise

me on this?

Clean and Jerk

Nashville Tennessee

Brother Dean- I want you to ask yourself a question little miss dirty pants. Who is the automatic station attendant in your life? It's God. Do you think God wants to be doing his business and look over and see you abusing your husband to the rhythm of the rinse cycle?

BJ- I wouldn't mind a surprise like that while I'm working...

Brother Dean- Well if all of creation is ever suddenly ruled by a PERVERT we can all play with our things like little joysticks in the car wash..but last I heard the man upstairs wasn't into getting pissed on while eating ice cream out of somebody's rear end.

BJ- good times. FYI though...when selecting ice cream that goes along with the eating of the ass, don't pick chocolate. just doesn't look as appetizing.

Brother Dean- To sum it all up, A woman should never even look directly at her husbands sin pole much less do it where somebody else might see. Have fun fornicating in the car wash of hell.

BJ- That reminds me of when I used to give hand jobs at the "Clean as a Whistle Car Wash" after school to make some extra spending money. Back then you could take your handjob money and go see a movie and still have enough for the popcorn. Nowadays you can say good bye to that popcorn. Its expensive.  Anyway, if you don't do that little fantasy for your husband somebody else will. Hey...is this the Clean and Jerks or south Nashville? Nevermind...somebody already has. Small World.

Brother Dean- You fornicated with that womans husband?

BJ- God no. I just jerked him off for candy bar money .Anyway..we have to go. I left a bunch of naked drug crazed strangers in my apartment and need to be getting back. Until next time....Have fun!

Brother Dean- Pray for your immortal soul. Goodnight.

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