Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sexual Horror Story:The Hard On That Wouldn't Go Away

This story is especially scary because it's true. This really happened to me.
A couple of weeks before Christmas about 8 years ago I messed around where I probably shouldn't have been messing. I took a Viagra like prescription that was totally not prescribed for me. It's called Trimix I believe and like Viagra it is supposed to give you a longer more satisfying erection. Well...I definitely can't say it didn't work.

The first nine hours of my monster erection weren't bad. I took the stuff at about 1am on Saturday night.12 hours later I had already my business and had been expecting "my guest" to get lost. But as I looked down it looked like my little friend (who wasn't so little. In fact he was bigger than I had ever seen him) had other plans. He was engorged with more blood than was probably healthy, standing straight up at attention like a teenager's and had begun to throb painfully. This is about the time that I finally had to admit to my bf, Cain, what I had taken and that things were not fading away down there. (note..we have an sexually open relationship and had started all this with friends of ours while he was asleep. I wasn't confessing to cheating, I was admitting I took some of his Trimex.) He was a little pissed but was more concerned with getting me to the hospital. After all, the commercials for Viagra say if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours to see a Doctor was 12 hours and counting. I refused to go see help because I had to be to work in a few hours and it was too late to call in. Instead I ran "it" under cold water in the bath and insisted that it was going down. But it wasn't.

At five i had to go in to work. Believe me, putting pants on and trying to contain the monster was not fun. It was in fact quite painful, but I was stubborn about not calling in and I did my best . I was at work a few hours when it became clear that I could not do that all night. I had to keep my shirt pulled down over the front of my pants to keep anybody from noticing and I was really starting to hurt. Finally I took my assistant manager aside. "I'm going to tell you something that I really don't want to tell you," I started. I proceeded to tell her what happened and that I should go to the hospital. I called and got somebody to cover for me...after telling her about it too.

When i got home, Cain had been doing research online and suggested we try ice packs...putting pressure on some part of the leg, and other home remedy's. I insisted they were working as I lay on the couch with an icepack over my privates. I was really not wanting to go to the hospital and looking back I was being ridiculous and stupid. About ten the next morning Cain checked on me...And it was as hard as ever.It had been up for 34 hours about. We went to the hospital.

That was a traumatizing experience I don't want to relive again. The doctors and nurses at this religious hospital weren't all that sympathetic and they certainly weren't handling me with a soft touch for sure. Thats not totally true. One Dr. was very nice, and cute. I thought they were being mean and more rough than they had to be with putting the IV in for example. I told Cain, and when the Dr was about to do a procedure and asked Cain to go to the waiting room. Cain refused to go anywhere. So he stayed, and him and the Dr. got to be good buddies. He asked questions and even offered to help out at one point.

I got lots of shots all over my penis to numb it so they could draw the blood out. The blood was black and without any oxygen. Thats what I'm told by Cain, I wouldn't look. Well it didn't work and I ended up having to have surgery. To wrap it up I was put out while they put shunts under my testicle area to flow the blood away. When i woke up I had a black jock strap on which really tripped my post-surgery self out. I spent the night in the hospital with a blood pressure cuff wrapped around my area that would get pumped up every 2 hours to stimulate blood flow. Oh and it was a few more days before the thing looked like it was going down, because it was so swollen after surgery.,

On the plus side, I think they cut some muscles or something down there, because for the next year when it was flaccid and at rest...its in a much bigger state of " rest" than before. 'to put it bluntly what used to be a grower and not a shower, was quite a bit showier. That lasted for about a year . I couldn't have sex for over a month cuz of stitches and healing...but I'm lucky things turned out as well as they did. Oh..and I got told "I loveyou" for the fist time by the bf before I was wheeled into surgery, so that was not bad. Also my orgasms changed considerably. Instead of quick easy cums it frequently took much longer for me to get off building up into huge earth shattering multiple orgasms. They felt incredible but took a lot out of me leaving me exhausted. They are pretty much back to normal these days. The Dr thought there was a chance i could never get hard again... That was not the case.
I guess the moral is if you want a declaration of love and a bigger penis you should take somebody else's prescription and hope it turns out as good. uh yeah..i learned my lesson. Seriously, I will never touch anything like that again.. For fucking real.

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